Our Principles


IHME aspires to make available to the world high-quality information on population health, its determinants, and the performance of health systems. We seek to achieve this directly, by catalyzing the work of others, and by training researchers as well as policymakers. 


Our mission is to improve the health of the world’s populations by providing the best information on population health.

As an academic center that maintains high standards of accountability and transparency in all of its work, the following guiding principles permeate everything IHME does.

  1. Excellence: We will apply the best scientific methods to the challenges of health measurement and evaluation.
  2. Relevance: We will measure what is important for population health, not just what is easy to measure.
  3. Independence: We will ensure the independence of the Institute and its staff from political influence, policy advocacy, and other conflicting influences.
  4. Comparability: We will make measurements comparable across time and populations.
  5. Comprehensibility: We will make measurements comprehensible by broad audiences including the public, policymakers, health professionals and researchers.
  6. Coherence: We will base our measurements on systematic assessments of available data and objectively portray the uncertainty in measurements.
  7. Transparency: We will foster transparency and accountability by providing an explicit data audit trail which provides enough detail for results to be replicated by others.
  8. Efficiency: We will seek to use our resources where the Institute can make the greatest contribution.
  9. Collaboration: We will work with other institutions to make the greatest contribution to the field of health metrics and evaluation.
  10. Consultation: We will consult with the global health community to better understand what is important to measure and evaluate and will consult with those who are affected by an analysis. We recognize that consultation does not necessarily lead to consensus.
  11. Dialogue: We will foster an open and constructive debate and dialogue about all aspects of health metrics and evaluation including our own methods and results.
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