Part of the Institute's mission is helping people understand why and how we gather and analyze data and what effect our work is having on health policy and population health. We hope our newsletter, IHME Impact, provides another way to engage people in our work.

IHME Impact March 2014

Take a closer look at tobacco use and its impact in the US and worldwide. Learn about IHME's research on health in the Arab world, verbal autopsy methods, and evaluating programs to reduce infectious disease in the developing world. Find out how you can experience IHME’s seminars and participate in a Global Burden of Disease training program.

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IHME Impact December 2013

In this issue of IHME Impact, we share the ways we are turning evidence into action and encouraging others to do the same. Learn how IHME is doing this by launching a new prize to reward innovation in population health, collaborating with a global network of experts, and offering a new, free tool to assist researchers in collecting data. And find out about our recent presentations, ranging from a TEDx event in Seattle to a malaria conference in South Africa.

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IHME Impact September 2013

In this issue of IHME Impact, we share news of our collaborations with partners in countries around the world seeking to improve their populations’ health. At home in the US, IHME presents notable findings from the Global Burden of Disease Study 2010 at a White House event for public health leaders. And we introduce new IHME faculty along with our latest cohorts of Post-Bachelor Fellows, Post-Graduate Fellows, and PhD students—the next generation of health metrics experts.

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IHME Impact April 2013

In IHME Impact April 2013, read about our most recent global collaborations and projects, with a focus on the Global Burden of Disease Study 2010 (GBD 2010). Learn about our innovative visualization tools for GBD 2010 and our Global Health Data Exchange (GHDx). Users can now interact more freely with IHME findings. Hear how we are working with international communities and offering an in-depth technical training in GBD methods. And keep up to date on IHME’s latest research publications.

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IHME Impact October 2012

In IHME Impact October 2012, we share details of IHME’s collaborative projects to improve global health, with a focus on our fieldwork in Africa. Learn how our Post-Bachelor Fellows (PBFs) and Post-Graduate Fellows (PGFs) are carrying out these projects in numerous countries, and meet the newest cohort of PBFs and PGFs. Hear how IHME is participating in local educational events and engaging in international consultations for the Global Burden of Disease 2010 Study. And keep up to date on IHME’s latest research findings.

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IHME Impact May 2012

In IHME Impact May 2012, read about the consultations taking place around the world as the Global Burden of Diseases, Injuries, and Risk Factors 2010 Study approaches completion. Dive into a description of IHME’s ambitious search tool for researchers, the Global Health Data Exchange (GHDx). Hear about engaging presentations by our faculty and fellows, and see examples of our local and international outreach initiatives to promote global health. And take a closer look at research innovations in IHME’s recently published work.

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IHME Impact Fall 2011

In IHME Impact Fall 2011, we share our latest research and projects that are helping to determine where we are making progress and where the gaps are in improving health around the world. Learn about how IHME researchers created a new and improved way of capturing the number of women developing and dying from breast and cervical cancer, revealing important trends in breast and cervical cancer in the developing world. Read about how our research on US county-level life expectancy has spurred policy action from health officials at the local level and our innovative work on verbal autopsy analysis. Meet our latest cohorts of Post-Bachelor Fellow and Post-Graduate Fellows in Connections and see where we’ve shared our research and won awards at global health events around the world.

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IHME Impact Winter 2011

In IHME Impact Winter 2011, we map out a new method to estimate diabetes prevalence at the US county level, a breakthrough for local decision-makers trying to address disease in their communities. Read about the painstaking work to gather education rates around the world, which helped IHME researchers link maternal education advancement to a reduction in child deaths. Meet our new Post-Bachelor and Post-Graduate Fellows in Connections. See how we are using social media and friendly competition amongst neighbors to boost participation in the Global Burden of Disease Health Measurement Survey. And learn how IHME staff used metrics to inspire giving.

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IHME Impact Summer 2010

In IHME Impact Summer 2010, read about a breakthrough method that enabled IHME researchers to complete a full assessment of worldwide child mortality levels and measure progress toward Millennium Development Goal 4. Take a closer look at a study that measured the effectiveness of a conditional cash transfer program in India for pregnant women. Meet IHME's new Post-Graduate Fellows. And keep up-to-date on IHME's latest published work.

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IHME Impact Winter 2010

In this issue, learn how IHME researchers are investigating interventions aimed at improving maternal health. Read about fellowship and degree programs creating future leaders in global health. And find out how a partnership between researchers at IHME and in Brazil is helping to identify the effects of death and disease in that country.

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