In addition to its core research, IHME leads a number of special research projects focusing on the Global Burden of Disease, health resource allocation, malaria control, and population health measurement and evaluation. IHME is collaborating with hundreds of public health experts and researchers around the world on these projects.

IHME, in collaboration with the Inter-American Development Bank, is measuring effective intervention coverage and health systems performance in southern Mexico and Central America.

IHME is measuring effective coverage in all Washington state counties and conducting one of the largest health surveys ever launched in a local population, work that will provide a model for other states.

Verbal autopsy (VA) is a method of determining individuals’ causes of death and cause-specific mortality fractions in populations without a complete vital registration system. Verbal autopsies consist of a trained interviewer using a questionnaire to collect information about the signs, symptoms, and demographic characteristics of a recently deceased person from an individual familiar with the deceased.

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